Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dive suit model kit

I recently completed a diving suit resin kit sold by Walter Pezzali (
He made a series of suits, this being the first. Its an awesomely detailed kit, based on the suit Carmagnolle brothers built in 1882 in France the original suit that inspired the Big Daddy in 2K's BioShock series.
Since its a historical model, I decided to paint it as close to the real thing as I can, and create a nice museum like display base.

the kit comes complete with brass metal etch detail parts.

I decided to add an LED inside the head, so using a drill press I drill out the upper body section with a large bit, then through each hole on the head with a small drill bit.

For the base I use a piece of Redwood cut into a simple circle

For the power cable I wanted it to insert into the base, so I carved out a space for a power plug.
3D printed a small bracket to fit it into the base and stained the base to a darker color.

Painted the model with black primer, then dry-brush bronze base color. When the base layer is dry applied many coats of brown/black acrylic wash until the color is almost black.
when the wash is dry added just a little dry-brush of gold and green and black wash on the edges, then brush on matte clear acrylic varnish
glue the lenses in and the metal etch rings, paint the rings the same way.

LED powered up

Monday, September 19, 2016

Starting my project blog

I work on random projects on my spare time, I started this blog to keep record of progress and share them to any who are interested. I will hopefully start posting content soon stay tuned.

Here is a quick view on my current project, the mini retro Geiger counter: